Stabbydoll is consistently working on various projects and one that we are so excited to develop is the episodic series Trigger Point. Logline: A former high-class escort who fought her way up from the streets sets up a “massage parlour” start-up style company but discovers her ambitions get mired in politics and love. This is a drama with comedic elements set in today’s  Silicon Valley. If you were to mix Office with Breaking Bad and add a middle aged woman’s perspective to it all you get Trigger Point.

Table read with actors Kimy Martinez, Alicia Parke, Jane Kovac, Tony Bellon, Julie Barrett, Bill Cozzini, and Olivia Bailey. Camera, Stabbydoll DP, Chris Knight and assistant to DP, Daniel Raya.

Writer/Director, Kimy Martinez (aka KMartist/ Kmart)

“Bill Rules” Trailer

This is our trailer for Bill Rules that will have its premiere at Cinequest Film Festival 2018! Kimy Martinez wrote the characters and concept of the story, Dan Scott directed and shaped the ending and Chris Knight created the concept of how to shoot it (no scripted dialogue) and Chris, also, did the editing! Actors include: Bill Cozzini, Nicole Alexander, Julie Barrett, Kevin Jasper, Alicia Parke, Roberto Tinoco Rincon, Sam Bentley, Kimy Martinez, Dan Scott and Chris Knight.