“Bill Rules” Trailer

This is our trailer for Bill Rules that will have its premiere at Cinequest Film Festival 2018! Kimy Martinez wrote the characters and concept of the story, Dan Scott directed and shaped the ending and Chris Knight created the concept of how to shoot it (no scripted dialogue) and Chris, also, did the editing! Actors include: Bill Cozzini, Nicole Alexander, Julie Barrett, Kevin Jasper, Alicia Parke, Roberto Tinoco Rincon, Sam Bentley, Kimy Martinez, Dan Scott and Chris Knight.

Sister Stalking at Cinequest 2016

Sister Stalking will have three showings at Cinequest 2016!

As shown on Cinequest site: Please check out full site to see what’s happening this year at Cinequest 2016   http://www.cinequest.org/film-festival

Sister Stalking is an incestuous stalking tale of a long lost brother who had been rejected from his family and finds his sister after a long separation, leading her into unexpected and sometimes frightening events as he tries to reconstruct what “home” means to him, featuring Max Sorg (Bryan) and Caitlyn Slavich (Michelle).

Plays before the feature film Zanjas

Showing In

Camera 12 – Screen 10   Fri, Mar 4 4:15 PM

Camera 12 – Screen 11   Tue, Mar 8 9:30 PM

Camera 12 – Screen 11   Thu, Mar 10 5:00 PM

Sister Stalking
Film Info
Type of Film/Event: Short
Runtime: 26
Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Drama
Production Country: United States
Language: English
Cast/Crew Info
Director: Kimy Martinez
Producer: Chris Knight
Stephen Evans
Screenwriter: Kimy Martinez
Music: Jane Kovac
Cinematographer: Chris Knight
Editor: Chris Knight
Kimy Martinez
Cast: Max Sorg
Caitlyn Slavich
Katia Riasheheutceus
Erik Scilley
Chris Cruz
James Pollard